Residential AC Maintenance in Wilmington, OH

Residential Air Conditioner Maintenance Services in Wilmington, OH

It always pays off to be proactive and have maintenance performed rather than being reactive, making expensive repairs, or dealing with premature replacement. Care always makes HVAC equipment last a lot longer and perform better. It makes sense a lot more if you look at how much it would cost to replace these units and compare that to the trivial cost of a service fee. 

We perform a tune-up and inspect your entire system during a maintenance call, from top to bottom. We replace the air filter if necessary, check installation quality, test for proper operation and check for wear and tear. We also calibrate the thermostat and safety controls.

Top 4 Benefits of Regular A/C Maintenance

preventative maintenance keeps a customer’s warranties active on newer home cooling systems. However, it also makes home cooling equipment last a lot longer, enabling it to perform a lot better at lower costs while also minimizing wear and tear and preventing other issues such as unforeseen breakdowns.

Keep Your Warranty Active

If your AC’s is still under factory warranty and you neglect to have it serviced by an HVAC technician for even just one season, that warranty is no longer valid. This is because the manufacturers of air conditioning systems stress the importance of regular maintenance to keep the equipment running. They mandate it be performed one time each year to keep factory warranties valid. If not and something happens, if a part fails or if something malfunctions and the unit wasn’t properly serviced, the homeowner is responsible for paying for the replacement parts and labor.

Better Indoor Air Quality

We have decades of experience working on all types of home cooling units and their level of skill is second to none. During a normal call for maintenance, they will be sure to clean out particles that collect inside the A/C equipment and get caught in there. This includes stuff like pet dander, dirt, dust, and grime. If this stuff isn’t cleaned out regularly, it can travel into your home’s air ducts where it can get cycled back into the home in the air you, your family, and guests breathe.

Prolong A/C Lifespan

Homeowners pay a lot for their air conditioning equipment. They should try to make it last as long as possible. Maintenance helps our home cooling system work efficiently while prolonging its service lifespan when performed regularly by a NATE-certified professional like Wilmington Heating & Cooling. When you figure out the cost of taking out your old unit to replace it with a new air conditioner, you’ll understand why and how maintenance has such massive long-term payoffs.

Optimize Energy Efficiency

Our air conditioning tune-ups include the cleaning, optimization, and inspection of the entire system, including the inspection of your unit’s fan blades, motor, a/c coils, and other equipment. This is all essential stuff that has a direct effect on the air conditioner’s performance and efficiency. With the coils and some of these other parts receiving regular service, the system is able to provide cooler temperatures easier, which decreases your overall energy usage — even as the temperatures outside become hotter.

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Stay On Top of Your AC Maintenance in Wilmington, OH

Regular maintenance on a home comfort system is often compared to getting a checkup with a doctor or dentist or doctor. Realistically, it’s like having your vehicle’s oil changed, or getting it a tune-up. This enables one of our friendly and experienced HVAC technicians to optimize your home cooling equipment, ensuring is in the best possible condition going into the hot season. Questionable components (or defective parts) are identified and replaced before they are able to create more expensive and extensive damage to other related equipment. This can inhibit the air conditioner’s smooth and efficient operation, which keeps your residence cool at a lower cost. Overall, our maintenance services save homeowners discomfort and stress in addition to money.

General AC Maintenance FAQ

Can I do air conditioning maintenance by myself?

While there are certain things we suggest homeowners do to keep their home cooling system operating well and running smoothly for years to come, there is still not a substitute for professional maintenance.

What if I forget to service my air conditioner?

If you neglect maintenance, the mechanical parts of your residential cooling system will probably continue to work just fine. Nevertheless, air conditioning units that don’t get serviced regularly bein losing cooling power. Furthermore, the unit can begin sustaining damages that can become expensive. These damages generally result in higher repair costs, the replacement of certain parts, and premature system failure.

How much does it cost to have your air conditioner serviced by a professional?

It’s always cheaper to maintain than repair or replace. Don’t pay too much for maintenance when you have friends at Wilmington Heating & Cooling offering online specials on AC maintenance with a Service Maintenance Plan or Scheduled Maintenance Agreements and referral incentives that can make it free. Otherwise, the average cost of an annual tune-up with the other guys can run anywhere from around $150 to as much as $400.