Residential Furnace Maintenance in Wilmington, OH

Residential Furnace Maintenance Services in Wilmington, OH

When it comes to taking care of HVAC equipment to make it last longer, perform better, and improve air quality, there simply is no substitute for routine maintenance. In fact, furnace maintenance is a crucial thing homeowners should have an expert perform every year heading into the heating season in the fall. Schedule your furnace maintenance visit today to avoid all the headaches that come with neglecting furnace maintenance. 

Top 4 Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

Preventative maintenance keeps a customer’s warranties active on newer home heating systems. However, it also makes equipment last a lot longer, enabling it to perform a lot better at lower costs while also minimizing wear and tear and preventing other issues such as unforeseen breakdowns.

Prolong Life of the Equipment

Every homeowner would like to make their furnace last as long as possible. The best way to do this is by utilizing maintenance. Without regular maintenance, furnaces last almost as half as long as they should, according to experts and manufacturers. Installing a brand new system sooner than is necessary is going to be far more expensive than any maintenance visit you will ever have to make.

Keeping All Factory Warranties Active

Every time we install a new furnace, we give our customers a warranty from the furnace’s manufacturers. This warranty requires maintenance be performed by a NATE-certified technician every year to remain valid. If the homeowner fails to have this done (even if they forget one time), the warranty goes bad. If this happens and something goes wrong, the customer is stuck paying for the repairs on own money.

Prevent Unexpected Furnace Breakdowns

There’s nothing worse than losing heat or having a furnace fail during the dead of winter. Our winters in Ohio are known for being very cold. Despite this, an estimated 85% of the repairs performed on furnace breakdowns are due to a general lack of maintenance. This is why having maintenance done every single year during the fall or early winter will prevent the vast majority of the furnace repairs a homeowner will otherwise have to deal with.

Deceases Home Heating Costs

The wear and tear from the strain of operating faithfully day and night, along with the dust and dirt building up in and around HVAC equipment, adds up. Wear and tear comprises a furnace’s heating efficiency as it requires more power than before to keep it going. A cared for system runs at its best, as it should, and shares that love right back in relief in its bills.

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Stay On Top of Your Furnace Maintenance in Wilmington, OH

Regular maintenance on a home comfort system is often compared to getting a checkup with a doctor or dentist or doctor. Realistically, it’s like having your vehicle’s oil changed, or getting it a tune-up. This enables one of our friendly and experienced HVAC technicians to optimize your home cooling equipment, ensuring is in the best possible condition going into the hot season. Questionable components (or defective parts) are identified and replaced before they are able to create more expensive and extensive damage to other related equipment. This can inhibit the air conditioner’s smooth and efficient operation, which keeps your residence cool at a lower cost. Overall, our maintenance services save homeowners discomfort and stress in addition to money.

General Furnace Maintenance FAQ

How can I avoid furnace repairs?

Your best defense against future furnace repairs is always seasonal maintenance, without a question. By keeping up with maintaining your heating system, a technician is able to catch performance issues and give you the opportunity to address these issues before they cause breakdowns or system damage. This helps you to reduce wear and tear that causes system failures. The tasks performed by one of our furnace technicians during preventative maintenance appointments are effective in protecting against breakdowns while improving energy efficiency and home comfort.

How can I keep my system running smoothly?

In addition to regular maintenance tune-ups, keeping on schedule with furnace filter replacement also helps decrease the likelihood of furnace breakdowns and ensures proper airflow. A fresh filter enables air to properly flow through the system, enabling the furnace to operate most efficiently. When an air filter becomes dirty, your furnace is made to have to work harder to move air, adding stress and increasing the likelihood of a surprise furnace repair.

How much does a new furnace cost?

If not properly maintained, homeowners end up having to replace their furnaces sooner than necessary. A home heating system can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $7,200 or more when bought new. The price depends on the model you choose and the size of your house. The average cost of installing a mid-efficiency furnace is $1,500 to $2,500. Mid-efficiency furnaces have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 80 to 89 percent.