Residential Heat Pump Maintenance in Wilmington, OH

Residential Heat Pump Maintenance Services in Wilmington, OH

No different than any other HVAC unit, proper maintenance is essential to a heat pump’s efficiency, productivity and longevity. It optimizes a heat pump’s entire operation. The difference in energy usage between a heat pump that’s regularly serviced and one that is not is around 25%. At this rate, the extra money spent on energy could pay for maintenance alone.

We ask: Why not give your heat pump the care it needs and help it last longer, operate far more efficiently and cost us less money in the long run in repair costs and energy bills? Maintaining your heat pump is a wise practice. Seasonal maintenance from Wilmington Heating & Cooling includes a Heat Pump Tune-Up + Check Out.

Top 4 Benefits of Regular Heat Pump Maintenance

Preventative maintenance keeps a customer’s warranties active on newer systems. However, it also makes home comfort equipment last a lot longer, enabling it to perform a lot better at lower costs while also minimizing wear and tear and preventing other issues such as unforeseen breakdowns.

Indoor Comfort Optimization

Because we are able to give your heat pump a tune-up, replace air filters, lubricate moving parts, check refrigerant levels and more during a maintenance visit, you’ll enjoy superior indoor comfort as your heat pump runs smoothly and efficiently from season to season.
Your heat pump’s performance can affect your health as well as your comfort.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Costly heat pump repairs are things we all want to avoid, and professional maintenance helps us do so. Our expert technicians inspect, calibrate and clean every part of the unit while troubleshooting for potential problems down the road. A comprehensive maintenance service such as ours also helps you find and fix small issues with your system that might be going unnoticed. This can also help prevent complete system breakdowns – a summer nightmare for any Southwest Ohio homeowner.

Longer Lifespan

Heat pumps that receive regular maintenance from a professional last longer than the units that don’t. Wear and tear can occur as it works continuously in the long cold months. Leaving the issue unaddressed can reduce your unit’s service lifespan. Moreover, it can even put your comfort and safety in danger. Regular maintenance is designed to monitor and fix all your unit’s vital parts, preventing the possibility of expensive repairs and premature replacement.

Improve Your System’s Efficiency

Maintenance verifies all the parts in your heat pump are in top-notch condition for the most efficient heating and cooling in your home. Nevertheless, there are some simple tasks you can perform that improve your heat pump’s efficiency, like checking your condensate line and making sure it’s dripping. If it’s not dripping when your unit is on, your heat pump could very well stop working, and a technician would need to clear the line and check to make sure everything else is working.

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Stay On Top of Your Heat Pump Maintenance in Wilmington, OH

Regular maintenance on a home comfort system is often compared to getting a checkup with a doctor or dentist or doctor. Realistically, it’s like having your vehicle’s oil changed, or getting it a tune-up. This enables one of our friendly and experienced HVAC technicians to optimize your home cooling equipment, ensuring is in the best possible condition going into the hot season. Questionable components (or defective parts) are identified and replaced before they are able to create more expensive and extensive damage to other related equipment. This can inhibit the air conditioner’s smooth and efficient operation, which keeps your residence cool at a lower cost. Overall, our maintenance services save homeowners discomfort and stress in addition to money.

General Heat Pump Maintenance FAQ

Do heat pumps require annual maintenance?

Yes. Heat pumps need to be serviced once every year. With annual maintenance, your heat pump will last much longer, perform better and cost less to use in addition to preventing expensive repair bills or emergency repairs. Service should be performed by a professional. This allows us to identify small problems and correct them before they become major mechanical breakdowns.

What maintenance is required for heat pumps?

You should clean your heat pump’s air filters regularly, or replace them if necessary. This is a simple procedure almost all homeowners can do on their own. Homeowners are advised to clean or replace air filters once a month, or as often as needed. Heat pump filters collect a lot of dirt, so this is a very important step.

How much does it cost to have a heat pump serviced?

Heat pump maintenance costs range from company to company and customer to customer. A general service call will cost between $50 and $180, with an additional hourly rate ranging between $80 and $160 for further labor. Preventative maintenance service should be conducted at least once a year, with an average cost of $80 to $130 per unit, and an additional $25 for parts. Wilmington Heating & Cooling offers specials for this service at discounted rates with online deals. We also offer Scheduled Maintenance Agreements to lower the cost even more.