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Of all the latest and most excellent indoor air quality products on the market that help remove airborne particles, viruses, bacteria, and air pollution, the iWave-R is a relatively new technology that’s affordable, effective, and long lasting. This air quality product stands out for very innovative and very low maintenance.

Using a novel technology that uses ions, this application can be installed inside the HVAC unit and left alone. Once in place, the iWave targets the outgoing air as it passes through the field of ions generated by the device. These ions neutralize and kill airborne viruses, mold, bacteria, pathogens and allergens while eliminating other types of particles that might be causing odors in the home, such as smoke. Because of the iWave-R’s size, price and unique ion technology, it’s proven to be highly effective in purifying the air in a home. One of the best things about this indoor air quality product is that it doesn’t create any ozone byproducts as a result of the process.

What is the iWave-R?

When it comes to Indoor Air Quality products designed to optimize home health and keep air clean and free of the really nasty stuff, there’s a new product “on the block” that is growing in popularity because of the surge of interest in air sanitization. Although ionization air purifiers have been around since the early 2000s, in recent years Nu-Calgon’s innovative purifier and air sanitizer, the iWave-R, has become a popular item among homeowners.

Some of this is likely related to the worldwide pandemic. With more than 200,000 installations and glowing reviews from consumers across the board, it’s clear this air quality product is here to stay. This is a good thing. In terms of sanitization, the iWave-R’s innovative technology has shown to effectively kill germs, bacteria, viruses and other airborne microorganisms that can be harmful. Not only that, it also removes odors and overall improves the air quality without making any noise, requiring any maintenance or needing any cleaning.

This product does it all and it does it safely, quietly, effectively and affordably. But you don’t have to take our word for it. See what others are saying about it. Wilmington Heating & Cooling stands behind all our comfort and air quality products and services for Clinton County Ohio area homeowners.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

Wilmington Heating & Cooling’s home comfort and indoor air quality experts list several benefits of having an air purifier, such as the iWave-R system installed below:

Dust and Odor Removal

By capturing unwanted particles in your air supply, air purifiers also end up removing stubborn odors that can linger in a dwelling. This makes your home smell fresher! They also remove odors from cooking and smoking and they help crackdown on dust building up. Without an air purifier, it might seem like no matter how much you clean and how frequently you try, you always find dust building up in your home. The good news is that the effective use of an air purifier dramatically slows the rate of dust accumulation.

Cleaner Air That’s Healthier

One of the main benefits of an air purifier is that it improves the overall cleanliness of your indoor air by eradicating particles that are harmful in the home to clear away air pollution. The EPA estimates a home’s air can be anywhere from 2 to 5 times more polluted and toxic than outdoor air. Although some air purifiers lack germicidal capacities, the ones we offer are incredibly beneficial. The Aprilaire Purifier and iWave-R are excellent air purifiers. They can help keep your family healthy and improve everyone’s overall quality and length of life.

Alleviate Allergy Symptoms and Remove Pet Dander

If you or a family member has issues with seasonal allergies, you probably know how it is extremely important to maintain an environment that’s clean and safe from the many types of pollens and mold floating around in the home. Air purifiers enable you to provide this safe and clean environment at a reasonable price. Furthermore, it helps with pet messes. Whether you are allergic to pet dander or tired of dealing with a lot of pet hair and persistent pet odors, an air purifier can help you.

Reduces Airborne Disease and Improves Sleep

In most homes, most of the time, airborne diseases spread through microscopic pathogens floating around in the air supply. If even one family member gets the flu, it’s common for the rest of the family to end up sick as well. When everyone breathes the same air and there is an infected family member, these bacteria and viruses spread easily. Air purifiers capture or remove these nasty invaders, which protects you and everyone else in the residence. As an added bonus, air purifiers are shown to improve sleep quality in the home for a variety of breathing-related reasons.

Professional Air Purifier Installation Air in Dayton, OH

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General Air Purifier FAQ

Do air purifiers really make that much of a difference?

Quality grade air purifiers like the ones we sell and install help homeowners in a variety of ways. Research shows us that at least filtering your home’s air removes harmful particles from indoor spaces, especially things that are harmful. The list of pollutants include allergens, smoke, dander, mold, dirt, bacteria, smoke and more. With that said, air purifiers always work best in homes where proper living practices are maintained and home cleaning techniques are used.

How can I tell if the iWave-R is actually running and working?

When it’s turned on and has power, a green LED light on the iWave-R will become visible on the product. This light indicates the ionizer is working and the stepper motor for the cleaning feature is in the home position. If the light isn’t visibly illuminated, check your power supply and voltage to the iWave-R.

What does the iWave-R actually do?

The iWave-R is an ionization air purification device. This product is a very popular Indoor Air Quality product that provides you with a far cleaner, healthier breathing environment free of all kinds of harmful indoor air pollution. With multiple people living under a single roof, iWave reduces various odors, smoke, static electricity, and dust floating around. It also kills harmful microscopic particles like bacteria and viruses.

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