Residential Furnace Installation in Wilmington, OH

Residential Furnace Installation & Replacement Services in Wilmington, OH

When you hire Wilmington Heating & Cooling to replace your furnace or heating system, you’re trusting a team that’s been in the HVAC business for decades, a local team with long-standing relationships with leaders and innovators in the industry. Although we are a family-owned business with that family business touch, we also have big company buying power — or bulk buying power. This enables us to deliver top quality at prices you won’t find anywhere else. If any of this interests you, we can provide you with a free quote to get the process started.

High-Efficiency Furnace Installation in Dayton, Ohio and Surrounding Areas

We make the entire furnace repair and heating system installation process quick, affordable and simple by sending you the best the business has to offer. Our home heating experts go out to your residence equipped with the best tools, technology and equipment the industry has to offer! Whether you need a new heating system installed or you merely need one repaired, you can get an Instant Online Estimate today from Wilmington Heating & Cooling!

Residential Furnace Repair in Wilmington, OH

Top 4 Signs to Replace Your Furnace

Every homeowner reaches a point where they must consider repairing or replacing their heating system. Here are the top 4 reasons to replace your furnace this year:

Your Furnace Is Older

Always consider the furnace’s age first. If you have the owner’s manual that goes with it, check there if you aren’t sure about its age. If that doesn’t work or you don’t have it, look up the heating system’s model number on the internet. The model number should be located on the furnace itself. The average lifespan of a furnace ranges from 15 to 20 years give or take. This number depends on a wide range of factors like maintenance and usage.

Increase in Heating Bills

A rise in your heating bills usually indicates your furnace isn’t running as efficiently as it needs to be running. Performance drags over time when heating equipment declines. You should check for drafting and air leaks. Anything other than being air-tight allows heat to get out and allows cold air in. You should also consider your insulation levels. If these areas are all fine, it means it’s the furnace’s efficiency that’s causing the increase and it’s time to think about saving money in the long term by replacing the heating unit.

Furnace Repairs Become Regular

Have you been making more and more repairs to your home heating system? It’s important to note how many times you’ve needed to call on an HVAC repair person to come to repair your furnace during the last couple of years. If you see your repairman more than your friends, it’s time to call for a free estimate. We offer free estimates online. Don’t continue pouring money into an older system that’s going to need to be replaced sooner or later.

Safety Considerations

Safety needs to be the highest priority whenever it comes to any sort of heat-generating appliance. With this in mind, if you experience any of the above signs from your home heating system, it’s time to get with an expert to start thinking about replacement options. Problems with a residential heating system can cause health issues from carbon monoxide, dust and dander, and other things that are bad to inhale and overall aren’t worth the risk. Playing it safe can actually save you money in the big picture.

Upgrade Your Heating System in Wilmington, OH

We sell, install, and repair all heating equipment at a fraction of the cost. Get a free quote on heating system installation today! We’ll have a technician come out to view your home size specs, and give you a quote on the spot.

General Furnace Installation FAQ

What type of home heating system should I buy?

This is the most important question a homeowner should ask when replacing their furnace. You need to know which type of system you are going to have installed. The two main types of systems used for most homes for heat are packaged heating systems and split systems. A split system has a furnace coil and a condensing unit. A packaged system, however, has both heating and cooling features.

What’s the best type of fuel source for residential heating systems?

When you choose your furnace, you should consider fuel sources. There are usually three fuel sources, or modalities of fueling a furnace, you can use to heat your residence. These are almost always electric, gas and oil. To figure out which is the best for your home, you should check the cost for each and figure out which is easiest to get.
Keep in mind that heating systems also vary in size. Propane furnaces and oil furnaces need more room than other types of furnaces. Comparatively speaking, natural gas furnaces require less space while offering far cleaner energy. Natural gas furnaces are good for homes in general that are not connected to gas supplies.

What is a furnace safety rating?

If you have loved ones in your home, you need your home heat source to be as safe and effective as possible. According to the Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute (also called AHRI), gas furnace safety in a home depends on the system’s installation and the safe disposal of CO gas. Otherwise, if the vent of your gas furnace isn’t correctly installed, or if it is obstructed, you can get carbon monoxide poisoning.

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