Residential Furnace Repair in Wilmington, OH

Residential Furnace Repair Services in Wilmington, OH

Whenever Southwest Ohio area homeowners have an issue with a heating system — Wilmington Heating & Cooling is the company to call. We can help with all types of residential furnace repair needs and we work on all makes and models of residential heating systems. Additionally, someone is answering our phones 24 hours a day and we have extended hours of customer support.

When you call us, we send a heating technician promptly to perform furnace diagnostics and — with your approval — perform repairs right there on the spot. We fix all types of issues with all types of furnaces, including issues with pilot lights, heat exchangers, and thermocoupling. We can check for thermostat inaccuracies, ignition problems, and air filter replacement needs, and more. If you have an issue with your furnace, don’t delay calling us today!

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If you’re having an issue with an HVAC system, give us a call today! We can send over a NATE-certified technician immediately. With a Diagnostic Service Call, our experts carefully inspect your comfort equipment to pinpoint the root cause of the problem in a precise manner. After they’ve identified the source of the issue and any related concerns, they show you your various options for resolving it to move forward. Once we’ve explained the issue, you can decide what to do. There won’t be any sales pressure or hidden fees.

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Top 4 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repaired

If your furnace is underperforming or having problems, you need to figure out exactly what’s going on, so you make the proper repairs. Here are the top 4 reasons why homeowners schedule repair services:

Your Furnace Is Old

The lifespan of the average furnace is around 18 years give or take depending on several factors. However, when a heating system is around 15 years old, it’s likely going to require more repairs. Using an HVAC technician that’s experienced and trusted to work on your furnace is essential whenever work needs to be done. Keep this in mind. If you’ve worked on it yourself or used someone inexperienced, you do so at your own risk.

Increased Heating Costs

Inefficiency is a sign your heating unit is having problems, or inefficiencies, and needs repair work or maintenance. There could be internal parts that are worn or defective. We can get to the bottom of it before it turns into something worse.

Thermostat is Unmanageable

When you have trouble controlling your home’s temperature level and it seems like you are constantly having to adjust your thermostat, it’s probably not the thermostat’s fault. Your furnace might be having trouble distributing heat throughout your house the way it should. We will look at your thermostat and your furnace and all the various parts and equipment to pinpoint the problem exactly.

Unusual Sounds or Pilot Light Colors

If your furnace is making unusual sounds such as rattling, banging, popping or squealing, this is a red flag. The same is true if your furnace’s pilot light is any color other than the color blue. Remember pilot light flames should always be blue on gas furnaces. Yellow pilot light flames are a sign of danger. You should call us immediately if your pilot light isn’t blue and the same is true if your furnace is making any sort of sounds that are unusual.

24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair Services in Wilmington, OH

With extended hours of customer support, we can have a technician in your home faster than anyone else in this business. Without it costing you an arm and a leg, our heating experts show up fast and can repair your furnace the same day, on the spot. Wilmington Heating & Cooling understands how a malfunctioning furnace can become a homeowner’s worse nightmare. Losing heat can even be a safety hazard, during the wintertime here in Clinton County and surrounding areas.

Even if your furnace is running, if you feel it isn’t heating your home adequately or your heating bills are getting high, it’s still a good idea to call us. Nevertheless, if you smell natural gas, you need to evacuate the premises immediately without touching anything and call your local gas company from a neighbor’s house. The smell of natural gas is a serious safety concern.

General Furnace Repair FAQ

Why is my furnace blowing cold air?

If your furnace is blowing cold air, it’s not working properly. Homeowners need furnaces for heat! So if you notice it blowing cold air, check the furnace’s fan settings first. The fan setting needs to be on “auto” and not “on.” Otherwise, it’ll blow non-stop. If this doesn’t solve the issue, check your air filter to make sure it doesn’t need to be changed. If this doesn’t fix the issue, check your pilot light if you have a gas furnace. After checking these areas on your own, if you still have cold air, call us right away!

Why does my furnace run non-stop?

Here again, this issue could be caused by the furnace fan setting. Make sure your furnace fan is set to “auto” and not “on.” From the “on” setting, it runs constantly even when there isn’t heat being generated. After this, check the fan limit switch, which requires manual override. If this doesn’t solve the issue and your furnace is still continuously running, give us a call.

Why does my furnace keep turning off?

The most common reason a heating system would turn off and on constantly, or short-cycle as they call it, is due to a dirty air filter. If the air filter is dirty, that’s good cause this is an easy fix. If the air filter is fine, you need to check your thermostat to make sure something isn’t affecting its reading, like something warm. This could be sunlight, a heat register, a heating appliance or a fire. Unfortunately, short cycling can also be caused by poor installation. If a heating system isn’t sized properly for a home, it could be the reason for short cycling. We suggest calling us if this doesn’t address the problem.

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Installing a new air conditioning unit or heating system is a major purchase. Because home heating and cooling units are made strong and designed to last a long time and provide you comfort throughout your home around the clock, they can be expensive. Wilmington Heating & Cooling offers simple, straightforward HVAC finance options so you can finance your new HVAC unit and pay over time.

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