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Although many people understand the importance of owning an HVAC system to provide heating and cooling, many fail to consider the importance of controlling their residence’s humidity levels. During Ohio’s summer months, using a dehumidifier or dehumidification system improves home comfort tremendously, lowering energy costs while helping with allergies. By minimizing moisture and reducing condensation, these also help eliminate smells and prevent mold, dust mites and mildew.

If your home is too humid or your AC is lacking, having a dehumidifier installed might be right for you. If you’re looking to control the levels of humidity in your Southwest Ohio area home, the air quality experts at Wilmington Heating & Cooling would be happy to set you up with a dehumidifier to use with your existing HVAC system. 

Benefits of Dehumidifier Installation

Learn how a dehumidifier can work to keep both your sinuses and your indoor air healthy and pure:

Reduce Wear on AC

When the air in your home is more humid, the air conditioner has to not only cool the air but also remove all the excess moisture, which means it has to work harder. This also causes the AC to wear out sooner, which means you will need to repair it more often and possibly replace it sooner.

Improve Your Air Quality

Dehumidifiers also improve your home’s air quality, making the place far less prone to allergen problems, dust mites and pet dander. They also inhibit the growth of mold, and mildew.

Protects Belongings

A less humid home means clothing will dry faster, cereals, bread, and other dry foods will remain fresh longer without going stale, and you won’t find signs of rust or corrosion on things like computer equipment, tools, and electronics.

Removes Odors

Dehumidification devices reduce odors in a dwelling that can accompany mold and mildew — removing “musty” or “rotting” smells that are pungent and can be offensive.

When Should You Use a Dehumidifier?

The ideal time to use a dehumidification device is when the days feel particularly warm and/or humid. Signs your home is too humid should be obvious. It will feel sticky and uncomfortable. This can cause breathing problems. The relative humidity should be under 50 percent at all times. You should use one if it goes above this level. Even if it doesn’t however, using a dehumidifier will help your air conditioner and save on home cooling costs. We install dehumidifiers across Southern Ohio. Call Wilmington Heating & Cooling today at (937) 764-3575 for more information. Get a free online estimate!

General Dehumidifier FAQ

How long do whole house dehumidifiers last?

Most whole-home dehumidifiers last 3 to 5 years when used and maintained properly. Dehumidifiers are simple devices that effectively reduce the moisture content of any atmosphere it is placed in.

How big should my dehumidifier be?

A dehumidifier’s capacity is rated by the amount of moisture it effectively removes in 24 hours. Therefore, a 35-pint humidifier is rated to remove 35 pints of moisture or water in a single calendar day. Using a 30-pint dehumidifier (or a dehumidifier between 24- and 39-pint capacity) for the following conditions: Damp rooms of 500-1,500 square feet.

Can one dehumidifier do a whole house?

Yes, one dehumidifier can do a whole house. However, for a dehumidifier to serve an entire house effectively, it needs to be the entire house dehumidifier type. At Wilmington Heating & Cooling, we have units that can serve up to 5,000 square feet or more, which is about the typical size of the majority of homes today.

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