Residential Heat Pump Repair in Wilmington, OH

Residential Heat Pump Repair Services in Wilmington, OH

We take your heat pump problems seriously and send someone out to your home immediately. Wilmington Heating & Cooling is a reputable, trusted name for expert residential heat pump repair. We offer emergency heat pump repair services around the clock throughout the Greater Clinton County Area and all of Southwest Ohio. If your heat pump isn’t performing like it should or if it’s broken down completely, we offer low cost heat pump diagnostics without any strings attached.

If you need help with a heat pump problem, all that’s left to do is to pick up that phone to get in touch with one of our friendly support team members. We can repair any type of heat pump, no matter the age, make or model! We service all brands! Overall, the most common types of heat pump repairs include refrigerant leaks, icing over outdoor units, broken reversing valves and electrical failure.

We Repair All Heat Pump Systems in Wilmington, OH Area

During a Service Call, we will use our extensive experience and expert training to quickly identify what the exact problem is, and then we use our certified skill and efficiency to get your heat pump repairs underway without any delay. To schedule a service call and get your HVAC humming nicely again providing the comfort you need, please call Wilmington Heating & Cooling today at (937) 764-3575!

Residential Heat Pump Maintenance in Wilmington, OH

Top 4 Signs Your Heat Pump Needs to be Repaired

If your heat pump is underperforming or having problems, you need to figure out exactly what’s going on, so you make the proper repairs. Here are the top 4 reasons why homeowners schedule repair services:

Can’t Reverse Flow

Heat pumps have a reversing valve that’s responsible for alternating between heating and cooling modes. If this valve gets jammed or becomes defective and you’re unable to switch it, you need to call for a repair service.

Poor Air Flow

Weak air flow can be caused by a very wide range of issues. Nevertheless, all airflow issues eventually cause the system to overheat or break down. If you consider the cost of heat pump installation and heat pump replacement, you’ll understand why we emphasize air flow and keeping an eye on your air filters. If you have airflow issues with your heat pump, act fast to avoid this and call us today.

Ice or Frost Formation

A properly operating heat pump has an effective defrost cycle to prevent anything from forming on the unit during the cold months. Therefore, if you see persistent ice or frost there’s a larger issue.

Strange Sounds

Any new sounds or noises that are unfamiliar are a clear warning sign there’s an issue with your residential heat pump. Metal scratching, banging, clanging, squealing, or anything else that sounds out of place should be a major red flag. In the best case scenario, it could be a warning sign of wear or damage. If it gets addressed right away you can avoid major damage that’s far more serious.

24/7 Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Wilmington, OH

If your heat pump breaks down during the hot or cold season, you can count on the fast and friendly services of Wilmington Heating & Cooling, a respected name in the HVAC industry that Southwest Ohio homeowners trust. We are homeowners just like you. We understand the importance of home comfort. Because of this, we offer 24/7 emergency heat pump repair every single day of the year. That’s 365 days a year including Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year.

When a customer calls us for help with your residential heat pump, our emergency response technicians are dispatched within minutes to quickly resolve your HVAC problem in an affordable manner. Using the latest tools and technology available in the industry, your local heat pump experts can almost always resolve any problems on the spot during the first visit.

General Heat Pump Repair FAQ

Do I need heat pump maintenance each season, or just once a year?

Staying on track with a maintenance visit at least once a year is necessary for the proper upkeep and safe operation of your heat pump. This also extends the life of the unit and helps it operate more efficiently. Nevertheless, scheduling a visit before both the heating and cooling seasons is not always necessary. Unless you have concerns or issues with the heat pump, one visit should suffice because we can get it all done at that time.

Should I be concerned about the steam coming from my outdoor unit?

All heat pumps run defrost cycles that melt the frost off of the outdoor coils in the winter. The steam rising from the outdoor unit results from the defrost cycle. If you notice that the defrost cycle lasts longer than 10 to 15 minutes, or if it cycles on and off excessively, you should give us a call to have a look at your heat pump. There could be an airflow issue affecting the compressor.

I just installed a heat pump. Why is my furnace running?

A lot of heat pumps use the furnace fan blower to help distribute the heated air throughout the home. This is completely normal. Unless you’ve installed a geothermal heat pump, your furnace is most likely your backup heat source that will work in conjunction with your heat pump. It is going to come on when the outside temperature drops below around 20° F.

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