Residential Smart Thermostat Services in Wilmington, OH

Like any other technology, the HVAC industry is rapidly improving. Likewise, the smart thermostat’s and Wi-Fi thermostats available to homeowners today have come a long way. Smart thermostats are great investments that usually pay for themselves quickly. Upgrading to one of our smart HVAC devices is an affordable solution to a lot of inconveniences and inefficiencies. Smart thermostats can actually save you money and help you to improve your indoor indoor air quality.

At Wilmington Heating & Cooling, the thermostats we offer are smart-home friendly and user friendly. In addition to helping to lower your heating and cooling costs, they also enable you to monitor and control your home’s ventilation, air purity and relative humidity from anywhere. If any of this interests you, give us a call so we can get your home upgraded today!

What is a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats function similarly to a programmable thermostat. However, they are better because they enable the user to control the temperature of their home throughout the day using a schedule, and make adjustments remotely with a tablet or smartphone. Not only that, they also contain additional features, like home sensors and WiFi connectivity. This helps improve on some of the issues homeowners often have with programmable thermostats.

Smart thermostats are similar to Wi-Fi thermostats, which are both connected to the internet. They enable homeowners to adjust heating settings from other internet-connected devices in addition to smartphones, such as laptops or tablets. This enables homeowners to manage and control the thermostat remotely anywhere in the world. This ease of use is vital for ensuring energy savings. New studies have demonstrated that households with programmable thermostats actually have higher energy consumption rates overall compared to those with simple thermostats because residents program them incorrectly or disable them completely. Therefore, we suggest upgrading to our low cost options such as our Honeywell (T6, T10), Ecobee, or Google Nest.

Benefits of Humidifier Installation

Wilmington Heating & Cooling’s home comfort and indoor air quality experts list several benefits of having a smart thermostat below:

Keep an Eye on Your Home

You might not realize it, however, a smart thermostat can be a window into your home when you aren’t there. If you check the companion app while you’re away from home, you can see if the heat is running (and at what the temperature is among other things). This is also helpful if you own a second home as smart thermostats are great ways to confirm the HVAC is running smoothly when you aren’t there also.

Prevent Human Error

Smart thermostats figure out the schedule and preferences of the people in the home and remember it, making it far more energy efficient by allowing the thermostat to handle the adjustments to the home’s temperature as you come and go. If you’ve ever left your air conditioner or heater running during the day while you were away, you will appreciate the way a smart thermostat like the Nest Learning Thermostat can detect that you’re gone and turn the heat off.

Save Energy and Track Usage

One of the main perks of owning a newer smart thermostat is the money savings on home heating and cooling costs. It helps with this by nudging you towards settings that are energy-saving in all sorts of ways. Depending on your current habits and preferences, letting the smart thermostat manage your home’s climate automatically saves you money.

If you want to know how much your heat ran last month, a report can let you know. It can also tell you how much energy you used compared to other users, and reward you for using energy-efficient settings.

Remote Control

Whether you are lying in bed, arriving home from work early, in a different room and wanting it a bit warmer, or going home from a vacation — if you have your mobile device with you, you have control over your thermostat! 

Take Control Over Your Indoor Temperature

We encourage you to save both time and money while making life simpler with the installation of a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are rising in popularity and some homeowners report they reduce their home heating and cooling bills by up to half as much! Smart thermostats allow homeowners to create automatic and programmable temperature settings according to their daily schedules and needs in addition to the ongoing changing weather conditions. Wilmington Heating & Cooling offers homeowners the best deals on the industry’s best smart thermostats. Get a free quote on a thermostat upgrade today!

General Thermostat FAQ

What do I need to know about smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats use sensors that control the home’s existing heating and cooling equipment. These sensors work in conjunction with the home’s heating and cooling units to optimize energy and comfort to save money. For some people, smart thermostats appear to be more complicated than they actually are. If you’re able to use a smartphone, you won’t have any problems using a smart thermostat. In fact, it’s easier. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to control your home’s temperature, even when you aren’t there by connecting to WiFi and using the free app that comes with the thermostat.

How long can I expect a smart thermostat to last?

They last a long time. The newer models we sell, like the Nest and Ecobee, are made to last longer than most brands. Their useful lifespan varies according to factors. These factors include things like the brand name, production, installation, usage and settings. If you set all these aside, experts estimate that the average life expectancy for a smart thermostat is at least 10 years and probably more. Provided there aren’t any damages, your smart thermostat will likely last much longer than that.

Are smart thermostats more superior than programmable thermostats?

Heating and cooling experts agree that today’s smart thermostats go above and beyond what a programmable thermostat is able to offer you. These devices are far more intelligent and intuitive when it comes to regulating the heating and cooling of a residence around the clock. They call them “smart” for a reason. Part of that reason is that they actually learn from a family’s behavior and learn from the temperature adjustments you make. Over time, they can start making those changes on their own without your intervention.

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